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A boundless world of optical experience


We believe that technology should be smart enough to understand the way we think. In our eyes, this is the only true way of creating a real game-changer.

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Our technology

Our patented fully automated technology is based on an interactive 3D game, which analyzes the way the patient's brain perceives visual information.

This breakthrough development is one of a kind in its' field and applies advanced technologies together with biosignal marker interpretation and human-machine interface. 

*Patent pending

The founders

Mr. Avi Sela - Director of Business Development

Was the general manager of Covidien Israel LTD- A global healthcare products company and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. Avi was responsible for Covidien's overall strategy and growth in Israel, including back office and DC. He has held management positions at United States Surgical Corporation (USCC), Tyco International and Covidien. Avi joined USSC in 1989 as Country Manager Israel. In 1993, he assumed responsibility on the business in Israel, Turkey and South Africa. He successfully transferred the Distributor Business in these countries to Direct subsidiaries. Avi serves as a director in Covidien (Israel) LTD, Super D, Oridion, Covidien Israel Holding and Covidien Israel investments.


Avi holds a bachelor's degree in Economy and Management Business Administration from Haifa University in Israel.

Mr. Ori Raviv - C.E.O

Co-Founder & C.E.O at Brain Lab Works Ltd. The company specializes in neuro-cognitive R&D support such as EEG, Event-Related-Potentials (ERPs), Eye-tracking, software engineering, equipment integration, infrastructure design as well as providing data analysis services. Under Ori's leadership, BLW became the official worldwide supporter of MindWare Technologies LTD and Psychology Software Tools INC that provides software and hardware for research, assessment, and education to over 5,000 research institutions and laboratories in more than 60 countries. Including universities, hospitals, research labs, start-up companies, and research institutes.


Ori hold's mastery in search engine algorithms, E-commerce, Market research & analysis and has 21 years of international business experience, senior management, and business development in various technological fields.


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